February 28, 2013

Unselfish sewing - onepice for my son

Two weekends ago I was in town with the kids and my son wanted to go to H&M to see if there were any onepieces for him, he's been wanting one since Christmas. If you don't know what a onepiece is, well it's a kind of overall/jumpsuit that you wear as loungewear. They are very popular in Sweden at the moment and they are both for kids as well as adults. On kids they look alright, but on adults.... NO THANK YOU! I'm all for loungewear, but I draw the line at onepieces for adults. They make you look like a big baby.

See what I mean about looking like a big baby...
Source: onepiece.se via Johanna on Pinterest

Anyway, my son wanted one and I thought that was OK, so we went to H&M, but the only decent one we could find was too expensive (I thought). So I suggested we'd go downstairs to the fabric store and he could pick a fabric and I would sew a onepiece for him instead. He thought that was OK so I let both Big Red and Little Red pick fabrics.

I looked for patterns in my sewing magazines, but couldn't find anything useful. But when googling onepiece sewing patterns I found someone who used the pattern from Stoff och stil and thought they were good because they were pre-cut! Oooh, I liked the sound of that so I ordered two patterns, size 104 and 128, along with some loooooong zippers.

It was easy enough to cut and sew and I think the whole process took about 3-4 hours. The pre-cut pattern was awesome to work with, it was made of some kind of non-woven stuff, not paper.I didn't even have to use pattern weights because the pattern pieces stuck to the velour I was working with.

I mostly used my overlocker to sew it together, but off course I used my sewing machine for the zipper and topstitching. I added lining to the hood, I already had the perfect fabric for it!

Yep those are helicopters on the lining fabric. Cute fabric right?!

Cute kid too right?! :)
My son was SO happy with his onepiece and asked if he could wear it to school today. That's a satisfied customer for you!

If ever in need of inspiration for new blog photo poses, look at my son... He's got it down....

And yes, the zipper is supposed to go that far, don't know why though...

This was not stash-busting, but at least it was sewing for someone else as was the challenge this month in the Stash-busting sewing challenge.

How about you, do you sew mostly for yourself or for others often?

Bye for now,



  1. Yes you are right! Those one pieces would look funny on adults! I could not see my man wearing something like that out on the town! Your son is adorable and so glad he's happy with his outfit! The long zipper up over his face cracked me up!

    1. Haha, I just checked for new comments, and about 30 seconds later, Ding!, I get a message about your comment!
      BTW, the long zipper can be hazardous, right now he likes walking around zipped up, i.e. not seeing... Kids!!!
      Are you working on sth right now?