February 09, 2013

February - the suckiest month of the year?

Warning! I'm going to whine a lot about the state of things which is pretty bad...

I have come to the conclusion that February is the suckiest (as in worst) month of the year. Why is that? Well, there's only illnesses and bad weather which leads to no energy.

Ok, let me whine about the illnesses for a bit now.... Right now both  kids have the flu, not the stomach flu (Thank God!), Big Red (my son 6 years old) got sick last Saturday while visiting my sister and her family, fever, headache and puking (because of the fever and too much candy). Then fever, higher fever and some more fever... Yay! Not... :( On wednesday, Little Red (my daughter almost 4) woke up with a high fever too and have barely eaten for the last two days, which isn't a good thing when you only weigh 13 kilos (that's like a big one year old). Before this Little Red had Tonsillitus - again, and had to eat antibiotics - again... So now I haven't slept propeerly for about three weeks - again....

Last February, I went on sick leave because of depression casued by exhaustion and my husband had his stroke. Februrary isn't a good month...

Ok, now on to the weather! The last days of January actually showed some promise, the snow was almost gone, the roads were dry, the temperature was even around 0* C. The sun was also out for two days straight. It almost felt like spring was coming. :) But, oh, how wrong I was. Now we have loads of snow again, with no prospect of warmth to melt it away. It's really windy outside and it's even snowing some more...ARGH!!! (Did I mention that very much don't like the winter?!)

Not my photo, but this is pretty much what it looks like here...

The weather might be ok to deal with, you can always stay indoors, but because of all the illnesses (yep, I also had a bout of the flu) and the lack of sleep, I just don't have the energy to do anything. And by "anything" I mean sewing.... Or taking photos of finished garments and blogging about them....

I have made a pair of trousers that I like from Burdastyle, I have even used them, but I will have to tell you about them another time. At least I can show you the pattern, because that's a photo I don't have to take myself... :)

Well, I'm sorry for all the whining and I'll try to be back soon with some more interesting posts. I do have a lot of plans which I hope will be realised and shown here.

Bye for now,


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  1. I just saw this post! I can totally relate to what you are saying for sure! Our weather here has been bitter cold and windy and so dang cloudy for days its depressing I tell ya! This week my car broke down and I had to walk the 6yr old to school..it was almost a mile..which is a good distance in the blowing wind and snow. Thank goodness we dont have the kinda snow you do..though they are calling for snow and ice tonight! Feel better!
    Ps I'll be getting back on the sewing band wagon soon too!