February 16, 2013

Sewing is healthy for you! More Burdastyle jersey trousers

Wooah?! Two posts in one day? By me, who have been complaining about the curse of the flu for ages now? What is going on? Well, after this morning's post I did have some more energy than before so I decided to cut out the fabric for the Burdastyle jersey trousers.

I also started sewing together the Kirsten kimono tee from yesterday and once I got started at the sewing machine and the overlocker, why stop?! So I sewed up the jersey trousers too, I skipped the side pockets on this pair and that made it an even faster finish. I didn't finish the tee-shirt, still have to finish the bottom hem.

I even mended my old black and white striped t-shirt where the twin seam had come undone. And I put my label on a few of my latest makes. I also had an idea for a new banner for the blog. Yay!

And this is why I say: Sewing is healthy for you!!!!! This afternoon I've finally had some energy and haven't felt like I will always be a zombie/Ozzy Osbourne (that's what Mr Red calls me when I'm tired...:)) and it's all because of sewing (and maybe a little because I seem to be well from the flu...).

Ok, here's some proof that I'm not just making this up/having feverish flu dreams about sewing :).

 I've also realised,seeing these photos, that I have to get a tripod for my camera. These photos are taken by my son, 6 years old, and while it's charming that he wants to help me, the photos pretty much suck. I can't even show the ones he took of only the trousers, because somehow he made my butt look twice as big as it really is....:/ Anyway I'm thinking gorilla pod for the camera, they seem very handy since you can bend them and hang them pretty much anywhere. They're not too expensive either.

So, finally, I'm actually feeling better!

Be back soon,


PS. The Burdastyle trousers are a part of the Copycat challenge by Erin @ i heart fabric. Let me show you my inspiration.

Copy Cat Challenge


  1. So glad you are feeling better and sounds like you are on a roll!! Your my first entrant which is very exciting! I have put photos on my actual copycat page rather than my post so your entrant is here

    Cant wait to see the Kristen Kimono you are making. P.S your photos are lovely :)

    1. Wow! How exciting to be first! I have to go and have a look. :)

    2. Don't forget to enter into the Pattern Review comp too! I am also sussing out what my first giveaway can be, I am thinking a Burdastyle vouchers if I can get my little hands on some since we both made Burdastyle outfits hehe.