March 21, 2013

Adding to my pattern library

A few weeks ago I took the opportunity to order some new Simplicity patterns when sewingpatterns sold them for $1.99 each. The patterns arrived yesterday (that is the downside of ordering from the USA, it takes WEEKS to get them). Here's the haul:

I like the dress and the jacket. But was surprised when I saw this pattern in the package, had no recollection of ordering it... Hello amnesia..:)

I like the dress, I'm not into peplum tops. Same here, can't really rememering putting this in the cart...

Not much to say, cute dress!

I really like the waist detail on this dress.

I followed Sunni's sew-along of this dress and thought the results looked s good.

How cute is the dress with sleeves?!!!

I've been trying to focus on spring sewing, but it's really hard when there's still loads of snow, more coming and the temperature stays constant between 5 and 18 degrees below zero C (23-0 degrees F). Since spring seems a long way away still an because it was snowing yesterday, I decided to cheer myself up and ordered the new Colette pattern, the Laurel dress, and also another Colettte pattern I've wanted for a while, the Violet blouse.

I can't wait for them to come, maybe it will finally be spring when they show up! :)

BTW, if you would like to invest in some new sewing patterns too, has a promotion on McCall's and Burda patternsat the moment, I think (I don't get paid or endorsed by to write this, I just want people to be able to save some money and make some bargains).

What's on your pattern wish list?

Bye for now,


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