March 19, 2013

Burdastyle t-shirt

I finally got some sewing done this past weekend. I had seen this cute t-shirt pattern in Burdastyle magazine 02/2013 and I wanted to try it out.

Since the pattern only went to EU size 42 I decided to frankenpattern it with another t-shirt pattern I have that fits really well. I made it 42 over the bust and 46 over the waist and hips.

I shouldn't have... The t-shirt turned out way too big, everywhere! Iif I make it again I think I will make it size 40 over the bust and 42 over the waist and hips.

Or it could have been the fabric that wasn't compatible with the pattern, but I don't know why that should be, because the fabric is just some viscose jersey.

Anyway, I had to take it in about 5 cm/2 inches on each side at the hips, to get a decent fit.

I added bands to the sleeves and made them and the band at the neckline a solid colour to add some interest. I think the result turned out good.

I would like to make the t-shirt again in a striped jersey, but I have to get some first! :)

I have loads of other plans but I keep seeing great new things all the time, so it's hard to decide what to do next. I have seen some cropped trousers in hot pink cotton sateen which I can't take my mind of, maybe those are next on my sewing list.

So did you get any sewing done this weekend? Do you have spring sewing plans?

Bye for now,



  1. Very cute t-shirt, you just need some spring to go with it. (I'm assuming spring hasn't reached you either). This top seems like a perfect basic t-shirt and it is on my (very long) to do list, though not at the top.

    1. No spring in sight, yesterday it SNOWED!!!
      Good luck with the t-shirt and the up- (out-?)coming baby!!

    2. We also have snow here. First day of spring they say? HA!

      And thanks, still just an upcoming baby :)

  2. You look like you are wishing for spring too! I like the contrast interest for sure on the sleeves and neckline!
    Currently I am working on Simplicity's one of those fit and flare dresses. Hoping it doesn't make me look dumpy like I made up a 1950's house dress! HAHA
    Next I'm hoping to fashion up a white sleeveless peplum top (from a pattern I already have and love) and a flowered blouse. I'm trying to break away from my black wardrobe I always wear!

    1. Wishing for spring? YEEES!!!
      I'm sure you will look great in 1803 it looks really cute. About black, in the photos I've seen of you, you've only worn black once! Good luck with your sewing projects, so glad to hear you're sewing again.