March 24, 2013

Planning for a comfy garden

For a while, well the last few summers, I've been wanting to improve our conservatory (glass terrace?) Don't know what word to use, but I'll stick with conservatory). The glass of the conservatory is really old and becoming more and more fragile, not a good thing when you have 6-year-old playing football nearby.

We have a sliding door to open the conservatory towards the wooden deck in our garden, which is good, BUT the sliding door is located behind the door that leads into the house when open. What were the people who built the conservatory thinking?! So what I want to do and Mr Red and I have agreed to do is to replace all the windows in the front with sliding windows and the windows and sliding door on the left will be replaced with a whole wall of sliding doors. We will also replace the plastic roof with a thicker plastic roof.

But of course I don't only want to change the strucrute of the conservatory but also the interior, so this morning my son and I went to IKEA to buy new garden furniture! :) Yay!

Source: viaJohanna on Pinterest

Source: viaJohanna on Pinterest

Source: viaJohanna on Pinterest

I'm very happy with our purchase and I can't wait to be able to use the furniture! We still have loads of snow left so I guess it will still be a while. At least I could put some of the old chairs outside in the sun. The weather has actually been great yesterday and today and yesterday I was able to sit in the sun for a while for the first time this year. SO NICE!!!

I have done some sewing this weekend too, but the result will have to wait because it's not quite finished and it's not for me! :) More unselfish sewing that is!

Hope you're having as good a weekend as me, it can't get better than sewing, shopping and sitting in the sun, am I right?!

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