March 03, 2013

Good deal on Simplicity patterns

Hey, just saw that they have a good deal on Simplicity patterns over at Only $2.99 each! I just ordered six! And even with the shipping they are half the price they're here in Sweden!

Happy bargaining!

Johanna (off to bed..... *yawn*)


  1. I keep missing all of these sales!! I'm ready for some spring sewing..guess I will have to wait since we are on the brink of a snow storm this week! Thinking of touching up and altering shorts I made last year...

    1. We don't even have sales on sewing patterns here in Sweden... :( That's why I keep checking sites like that. :)
      Snow storm coming... That sounds even worse than here. We have ice and snow everywhere, but at least the weather's been nice and sunny the last week, you can feel that spring is actually coming (sometime) (this year)... :)

  2. I absolutely love that site! Hey can you email me at so I have your email address. I will send you the discount Burdastyle code for entering my Copy Cat Challenge!
    Thanks Johanna!!