March 16, 2013

Vintage find

I keep reading about other bloggers fantastic finds and bargains from charity shops and flea markets. I keep going to my local charity shops hoping to find something, but in this town they suck big time. Not only are the clothes awful ninties relics but they're also expensive! I don't think a pair of horribly out-dated jeans should cost SEK 100/£10/$15! I never find anything good....

Until today! :)

I found this sixties/seventies shift dress (a style that suits me!), in aqua (one of my fave colours!), in my size (!!!!!!!!!!!!!) for SEK 95/£9,50/$14,50!!! How good can it get?! The only downside is that the dress is 100% polyester, but I guess that's what to expect from that time period. At least the label says it's polyester crepe, which I have never encountered before.

Can you see the adorable V-shaped front piece and the princess seams and the buttons?!!! 
I don't know which of the photos that shows the colour best....
I'm totally psyched that I finally found something good from the charity shop!!! Anyone else who has made a good find this weekend?

Sewing-wise, I just haven't had the time to go on with any projects. The closest I've been to anything sewing-related was this morning when I traced a pattern for a T-shirt from Burdastyle.

Cute style, right?!

Anyways, have a nice weekend,


P.S. Like so many other sewing-bloggers out there, I have a pet. Surprise! It's a cat!! Just realised I have been holding out on my cutie-pie. So here are some photos to enjoy. Her name is Siri and she's six months old. She's a Devon Rex. (And almost impossible to photograph...)


  1. I haven't been lucky enough to find anything worth mentioning at my charity/thrift store either..a couple simple tank tops...blah! I love that teal dress though! I sewed alot of 60's inspired dresses last spring. So simple and clean lined!

    I'm loving Siri by the way! Makes me want to cuddle with a kitty!

  2. I like the 60's style dresses, I think it's a good shape for me. Keep searching those thrift stores, you never know when you might make a find! :)

    Isn't my kitten cute?! She's such a good cat, let's the kids play with her and carry her around.