July 30, 2012

Giraffes and helicopters

I never did anything with those t-shirts for the kids yesterday. Today I've felt like s**t all day, tired, woozy, a bit nauseous, plus I hit my wrist really hard on a doorway... Not a good day...

Anyway, come evening, I felt a smidge of energy and sat down to finish the first t-shirt. It went really well, and when I came down with it, to try on, the other kid screamed for the other t-shirt. So I had no choice but to make that one too, which took about 45 minutes! (I had already traced and cut the pattern pieces.)

I must say that I'm not friends with the overlocker yet, but we're definately getting to know each other. Geez, you can sew fast with that thing....

I LOVE that helicopter fabric...

Some details..

OK, so feeling better about my day and myself now... Should have remembered that sewing makes me feel better whenever... :)

Bye for now,


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