July 27, 2012

Too much...

Yes, it has actually been too much lately... Too much of a lot of things, good things even, but I get really tired from that too. This week, we've been to Orust to visit my sister and her family and then we got a visit from my husband's brother and his family, and it's only Friday. All this visting is really fun, but I get really tired from being around people all the time. So I haven't had the energy (or the time) to get going on a new sewing project, not even to use my new overlocker! Or blog about the fabrics I got while visiting Orust (some seriously cute knit fabrics for me - and the kids!).

Now we don't have any plans for a week, which feels really good. So I hope I can gather some energy and use my new overlocker and make some t-shirts from my new fabrics and get going on the dress from my last post.

Off to bed now, to get some sleep=energy... :)

Bye for now,


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  1. Poor you, I have the same issues, life getting in the way of sewing. xx