July 29, 2012


Last night I was up quite late and surfed the net. After a while I thought I'd check out the options available for making your own clothes labels. I found this site where you can order labels with your name on them (and loads of other labels).

The prices were reasonable, so I ordered some (100 pieces, the least amount possible) and they will look like this:

I'm happy with it, but there weren't many fonts to choose from, which was a bit negative. The colour selection was ok, I chose a grey background and white text. I would have liked a pink background (pink is one of my favourite colours), but I think the text would barely be visible, so instead I went with the grey.

The labels will be here in 7-14 days!

I also started on the kids' t-shirts yesterday, I'm almost finished with one of them and will get started on the second one today probably. Very easy and quick to sew on the overlocker....

Bye for now,


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  1. Great labels, I think the font and colours you picked look perfect. x