July 16, 2012

New fabrics and patterns

A few weeks ago I thought I'd try ordering sewing patterns from sewingpatterns.com, which is located in the USA. They have Simplicity patterns for $1.99! I chose five patterns and a PDF-pattern as well, which was only $0.99!

Here's what I found in the mailbox today:

The last picture, the bolero,  is the PDF-pattern, which I still have to figure out how to print... :) (Oh, just found that it's no problem when using IE instead of Firefox.)

Going home from our vacation we made a stop outside of Gothenburg, where there happen to be a large fabric store, Stoff och stil, which I frequently visit on the web... :) I've never been to the actual store and it's always nice to be able to feel the fabrics before you buy them, so we went in and I came out with this:

This is pinstriped stretch denim, 2 metres. Skirts or a dress...?

Here's some light-weight cotton, 1 metre.

More light-weight cotton, 2 metres.

Here are the two light-weight cotton fabrics combined. At the store they had made a dress combining the two, and I totally stole the idea, they looked so cute together.

And finally, some cotton satin, 2.5 metres. There might be some stretch in there, but I'm not sure. It's black with white flowers. I'm thinking...dress.

Bye for now,



  1. I have the stretch denim too, I'm thinking a suit (jacket + skirt/pants). I really like the last fabric.

    The dress patterns are really cute too!

    1. Ooh, a suit, that sounds interesting! Let me know if/when you make it, I want to see!

      The black cotton satin is so great, feels great and has a nice lustre.